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We recognize that many or most conditions need treatment beyond what self-care can offer. We can connect you with our favourite practitioners in Naturopathy, Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition & the expansive field of Alternative Health.

image by @naturopathetarian "Herbalism is based on the relationship between plant and human, plant and planet."

image by @naturopathetarian "Herbalism is based on the relationship between plant and human, plant and planet."


We have hand-selected distinguished practitioners who use plant medicine at the root of their offering.  Certified Herbalists must complete 1600 of practical training and 400 hours of clinical treatment.  They must learn possible interactions between herbs and pharmaceutical medications. Naturopathic Doctors must complete a 4 year program learning botanical medicine, nutrition principles, acupuncture and more before passing a comprehensive licensing exam.  We will also feature lifestyle coaches who use phytotherapy as the cornerstone of their healing protocol. 

If you can confidently refer an N.D. or practitioner using botanical therapies, please contact us.


When you're trying to walk a path of healing, you're best not to walk alone.  To support your journey, we offer a complimentary call to understand what the framework of your concerns are, to direct you to a practitioner with a practice you of which you may not even be aware.

Alternative health is said to encompass all of the modalities that are not categorized as traditional Western Medicine. For this reason it spans a vast array of traditions, cultures, approaches and considerations.   

Let's name a few: breath-work, reiki, past-life regression, hypnotherapy, meditation, acupuncture, osteopathy, massage, acupressure, sound healing, homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essences. 

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Insight coaching, intuitive mediumship, shamanic health coaching.  When we look a layer beyond, we see brave healers who have stepped into their power offering spiritual guidance, energetic support and a type of healing we call cosmic.

It's an honour to get to facilitate the types of connections, messages and clarity offered by such gifted sages and we are excited for you to experience their gifts.

please reach out to us if you believe anyone you work with or know belongs on this list.

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If you are looking for a practitioner or if you are a practitioner who would like to be considered, we welcome your message.

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