Our courses and workshops are designed to open or expand a gateway into simple everyday self-care.   We would love to collaborate with new partners to host workshops or can custom tailor them to your group.  

GO Easy : a gentle detox 

This workshop aims to support participants in achieving a greater joy and vibrancy in daily life by gaining a grasp of the key principles of detoxification with a herbal medicine focus. 

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intro to HErbal energetics

In this workshop we’ll introduce select key classes of herbs: nervines, adaptogens, sedatives and anti-depressants.  We'll touch on how to use them in daily life and how to calmly connect with our own energy in order to intuit which plants are best suited at any moment to help us shift to a preferred state.  

We'll cover infusions, tinctures, wildcrafted living plants, juicing, freezing, smoking and vaping.  

By gaining a heightened understanding of the power of key herbal energetics, participants will learn ways to invite these plants into their lives to increase productivity, mental alertness, energy, tranquility and joy. 

See our calendar to attend this workshop. 

We'll begin by looking at symptoms that are dragging us down, with the goal of building an understanding of which herbs can help. Nature provides us with herbal allies that are able to support organ systems in need of revitalization. Through sniffing and sipping herbal teas, we will be introduced to a powerful herb from each category: flowers, roots, seeds, leaves, and tubers!

With the potential promise of more energy, better skin, or less brain fog and fatigue, this workshop offers a new perspective on creating a welcome space in your life to reboot. 


If it is not listed in our upcoming calendar, please get in touch if you would like to take or offer this workshop.



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If you are interested in attending virtually please write to us.  


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You Moms are Exhausted!

We understand how depleting motherhood can be, so we put together this workshop on self-care for moms using herbs at home. Topics will include safe herbs for your little ones:)

Each guest will receive a herbal care packet valued at $25 ♥

Tea & refreshments always served.

If it is not listed in our upcoming calendar, please get in touch if you would like to take or offer this workshop.

Herbs for moon cycles & sex

This workshop is a must for any woman experiencing pms mood swings, cravings, bloating, fatigue, sadness, body ache and the lot! 

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Wine is often a women's go-to who is experiencing debilitating pms or menstrual symptoms.  Most of us would agree that sometimes advil is the only thing that can get us through the day.  Believe it or not there are herbal remedies, vitamins and diet hacks that can guide your cycle to a more balanced state. 

We'll cover herbs to reduce pre-menstrual symptoms, cramps and painful periods as well as common but unpleasant symptoms around sex.

This workshop is guaranteed to be packed with useful information, inspiration and ideally a few laughs.

If it is not listed in our upcoming calendar, please get in touch if you would like to take or offer this workshop.

self-care masterclass

Enhance your vitality through learning and participation in a transformative 5 session self-care masterclass in herbal medicine.

Here, we will focus on practical applications of herbal medicine for everyday self-care by learning key herbs and their healing powers.

As we explore herbal medicines we will cover combining formulas for tea blending, how to use & make tinctures, standard therapeutic dosing & guidelines for self-care.

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Class 1 :: Intro to herbal energetics & self-care

Class 2 :: Herbs for the Nervous System & Stress

Class 3 :: Herbs for Energy, Mental Clarity & Focus

Class 4 :: Herbs for Sleep & Immunity

Class 5 :: Herbs for Digestion & Skin

Our discussion will include: getting more in touch with your body, developing a ritual and relationship with herbs.  We’ll be introduced to decoctions, infusions, salves, poultices & tinctures.

How to integrate herbal medicine into an overall improvement of your wellbeing by touching on the whole picture of where things are at in your life, aiming for greater joy + vitality!

See our fall calendar to attend this workshop in toronto or get in touch to request one to be organized in your area.

corporate masterclass packages are also available.

The Art of Herbal Tea Blending

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Learn the art of combining medicinal herbs to create flavourful, therapeutic teas.

Engage and learn by asking questions while we smell, taste and blend together. This fun, informative workshop aims to provide participants with a sense of herbal energetics to help enhance their own self-care. You'll leave empowered to mix endless varieties of your own therapeutic tea.

This intimate workshop is a great place to ask questions, share, be curious and playful with herbs! 

join our upcoming herbal tea blending workshop or write to us to host one with your group.

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Everyday Herbalism

Enhance your knowledge of herbs to optimize your vitality, treat common ailments & have some fun with herbal
energetics. This class aims to empower participants with a better understanding of basic herbal fundamentals, in
order to become more confident & intuitive about your own self care.

We'll touch on herbal energetics, medicinal
classifications, herb combining, types of therapies, applications and dosing. Questions are encouraged to enhance
your own love affair with herbal medicine.

If it is not listed in our upcoming calendar, please get in touch if you would like to take or offer this workshop.

Backyard Medicine

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Join us for a backyard workshop on growing, harvesting and blending your own garden grown herbal medicine. 

We’ll cover which herbs are easy to grow in your own garden for medicinal use at home. Whether you are using balcony planters or ground soil & flat earth, there is a rich biodiversity in our region that allows us to grow an abundance of therapeutic plants.

We’ll discuss how to harvest & dry your herbs to keep in your cupboard for every day use with an overview of how to ease common, everyday symptoms with select, easy-to-grow medicinal plants.


Please see our fall calendar to join this workshop.

Write to us if you would like to offer it in your area.

simple, effective, empowering

Our courses and workshops are designed for people with little to no knowledge of herbalism, intended to open or expand a gateway into simple self-care.   We would love to collaborate with new partners to host workshops or can custom tailor them to your group.  

Please get in touch below if you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop.

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