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I've been inspired to create my own brand since about the time I could draw, but it took a lot of meandering on my career path to commit to what I wanted to do.

My journey with natural medicine began in 2008. I had spent years treating symptoms through walk-in clinic visits and broad spectrum antibiotics when I finally looked outside of what our health care system offers as “free,” and saw that there was another whole world of options available to me.  My health was in total crisis after traveling to Asia to make a short film and getting sick with a difficult to treat e. coli infection.  Despite being prescribed 8 antibiotics a day, there was no follow up appointment deemed necessary with my Doctor.  I was 24 years old and remember feeling that my life force was going dim.  

Hitting the dead end I’d reached with Western Medicine, I began to recognize that there were other “woo-woo” type practitioners who could potentially help me address my symptoms. I began to ask close friends if they knew anyone I could see outside of the health care system.  The first appointment I made was with a woman who worked in energy medicine.  I will never forget how unusual her modality was to me at that time and how mystified I was by the concept that my emotions were affecting my body.  At the end of my session she took both my hands and looked in my eyes and said: “your health is in your hands.” I got in my car and wept.

From this point I nurtured a new fascination with the body's ability to heal with the help of alternative therapies & botanical medicine.

I spent the next year learning about herbs and working at a little health food store out in the country near my hometown in Niagara, getting to know plant medicine more closely and the kinds of every day symptoms people were struggling with most.  Now, after ten years of studying and working in natural medicine, I’ve created my own brand in effort to support others on their journeys. I teach self-care with herbalism because I want to empower people and show them how simple botanical medicine can be. Aligning with practitioners has also allowed me to begin referrals, develop online programs with comprehensive support and ultimately my goal is to build this as a platform to showcase healers and help them connect with people who need them.

My concept for a product line has come from the years I've worked in natural healing and wished certain formulas existed in the marketplace with clever names and stylish, travel sized packages. The first of these will be rolling soon; please follow along to see the dream manifest, and try out some formulas that may help you.

My niche is creating custom blends, which is something I invite you to experience at a workshop, tea salon or pop-up remedy bar.  Informal consultations are also available through the website.

Thank you for coming along for this journey with me and I hope our paths can connect.

xx Lindsay

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I launched @symptomologie through my Creative Agency which you can learn more about here:

A snap from my 2018 Spring trip to Latin America

A snap from my 2018 Spring trip to Latin America

In 2014 I made a short film on where my journey had brought me, and how symptoms can act as messengers to change your life. See The Messenger.

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