Want to heal from a chronic problem?  We got you.

Our Healing Programs offer the support of leading research in natural health, professional grade therapeutic herbs / supplements, e-guide books, email coaching, & access to one-on-one professional guidance & support.  

Program #1


A fully-integrated therapeutic approach to healing systemic Candida Yeast Overgrowth.

Our leading program is designed by a Canadian Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. James Yoon

Dr. James Yoon


What's included:

Candida e-book, recipe guide & shopping list.

Full product kit with tea, tinctures & supplements.

Weekly emails to support you through the program.

Access to a Video Library of treatment info & protocol.

Cost of the 5-week program includes shipping of your candida-healing product kit.  + Optional counselling.

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What is Candida?  What symptoms can this program help you heal from?


Program #2




We know pre-menstrual syndrome is no joke.  The truth is that you have to take precautions the entire moon cycle to lessen the severity of period symptoms.



Program #3

Trim Down


Chef Sakamoto implored chef Fukui to share her methods. She said that she would only teach him the basics if he promised to bring the art of ramen abroad. He brought the proposition to his family, and his mother immediately urged him to go to Hong Kong.

The next week, Chef Sakamoto flew to the “Pearl City” and discovered that he felt more at home than ever. He knew that he could meld the umami flavors and smoky scents of Cantonese cuisine with the richness and nuances of ramen. He went back to Tokyo to learn from Chef Fukui, and with her blessing, returned to Hong Kong seven years later.