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Energy + Mood Brightening with Herbs

In this workshop we’ll introduce key classes of herbs: nervines, adaptogens, sedatives and anti-depressants.  We'll touch on how to use them in daily life and how to calmly connect with our own energy in order to intuit which plants we want to work with to help us shift to a preferred state.  

We'll cover infusions, tinctures, wildcrafted living plants, juicing, freezing, smoking and vaping.  CBD and cannabis will be included in the conversation.

By gaining a heightened understanding of the power of key herbal energetics, participants will learn ways to invite these plants into their lives to increase productivity, mental alertness, energy, tranquility and joy. 

$40 / limited to 12 participants.

e-transfer payment to to reserve your space.  



Later Event: September 24
Everyday Herbalism