help is on the way

When I found out how to help myself, I created symptomologie for you.

  My journey has shown me how my purpose is intertwined with the purpose of these plants.
— -L.L.
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background story

My introduction to herbalism came first from anxiety I began to develop while flying.  I had been traveling back and forth between my Mom in Canada and my Dad in the Caribbean from the time I was a year old.  I had been comfortable and happy on planes until one trip while I was at college at USC.  I was sleeping on a red eye from Los Angeles to Toronto when I woke up to bad turbulence and thought we were crashing.  It traumatized me in some deep way because after that I felt terrified of flying and would panic in the air.  I tried benzodiazepines to try to stay calm, but I felt my mind would be overactive while I could barely move: a terrible combination!

Living in Southern California at time with my families still divided between Niagara and the tropics, there was no way to visit either home without driving for 5 days or taking a 5 hour flight.  I needed to find an ally to keep me calm in the skies, and chamomile stepped up to the task.  Because it's not always convenient to get a cup of hot water to make a tea while transit, a little tincture bottle became the antidote to calm, and life could go on.

My next powerful nudge towards herbalism came from my frustration with chronic urinary tract infections and the vicious cycle that antibiotic treatment sent me down.  

When I began to learn which herbs would help stop me from getting UTIs, it was the beginning of a lifetime love affair with plant medicine.  I spent a quiet winter back home cozied up in a lakeside learning shamanic herbalism, magical herbalism and medical herbalism more deeply before securing my first job as a natural product advisor.  For the 8 years that have followed I've stayed committed to learning as much as I can about the healing power of plants and have loved sharing my knowledge on how to ease symptoms naturally, or who to look to for help. 

I've always meandered with my competing interest in art, design and film; taking as long as possible in University to "declare a major." Looking back, my journey has shown me that my purpose is intertwined with the purpose of these plants.

Birthing the brand symptomologie has been a true labour of love, and a commitment to contribute my passion and creativity for some measure of social good.  I hope there is a formula I've created that can benefit you and support you on your journey, or a practitioner I can recommend to guide you on your path.  I hope you will follow along as this brand story unfolds and let your own healing lead the way.

Please reach out and take my support,

xox Lindsay